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In 2012, the region was recognized as the third best developed subject in the sport sphere of the Russian Federation. In 2013 money was invested in the sport infrastructure development, and new sporting centres were built in the region.

A lot of factors influence the rating: total number of sportsmen, number of sporting facilities, their accessibility to disabled people, etc.

In 2013 Tyumen sportsmen won close to 1500 medals in national and international competitions. The number of Tyumen citizens in national teams has increased as well. Results of professional sportsmen who train at the new facilities are improving. In 2013 Tyumen sportsmen won close to 1500 medals in national and international competitions. The number of Tyumen citizens in national teams has increased as well. Now about 300 Tyumen sportsmen represent their country in international competitions in different kinds of sports.

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Tyumen sport complexes regularly host regional, Russian and international competitions. The centres fit all modern standards and are accessible for disabled people. For example, the winter sport centre The Pearl of Siberia is ready to host competitions of the highest level in different kinds of sports: ski racing, biathlon, sport orienteering and cycling.

So far, the center has held the European championship, the 2014 World Cup final in sport orienteering in skiing, and the 2011 and 2014 Russian Ski Racing Championships. The centre regularly hosts the international biathlon tournament The Tyumen Region Governor`s Prize, the international ski racing competitions Tyumen Cup, and many others.

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The Olympic preparation centre Tyumen Judo has hosted many major competitions, such as the 2011 World Judo Championship in the open-weight category, the 2011 Russian Karate Championship and other competitions. The sport complex Tsentralny regularly hosts competitions of the highest level, such as the international Greco-Roman wrestling tournament Grand-Prix of Ivan Poddubny, the European Judo Championship among juniors under 23, the International Karate Championship Karate 1 Premier League and others.

In Tyumen there are many opportunities to improve heath and develop sporting skills. There are winter sports centres (The Pearl of Siberia, the sport and entertainment centre Voroninskiye Gorki), ski resorts, covered and outside ice rinks (the Palace of Sports, the Sport centre Priboy, the centre Partikom, swimming pools in different parts of the city, a lot of sport schools, state and private sport centres and clubs, and open playgrounds where instructed and independent trainings are held.

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The latter has led to the increasing number of people in Tyumen who regularly do sports in their own yards or the sporting facilities nearby. In 2013 there were 15312 people who train at the sporting facilities in their yards. A system of physical, educational and health activities for people in their yards and sporting facilities nearby is built nowhere in Russia but in the Tyumen region.

By 2015, according to the federal sport development strategy, 30% of the country’s population will have an opportunity to do sports regularly.

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The significant investment to the Tyumen region sports over the last few years allows us to stick to the strategy we have chosen, - noted Dmitri Gramotin, head of the Sport and Youth Policy Departmen of the Tyumen region, - Without doubt, we successfully achieve everything assigned by Ministry of Sports. In addition, the Head of the Department says that the real aim is not only to meet the set objectives, but to organize sporting leisure for Tyumen people at a high level.

Now all this is taken for granted, but just ten years ago, it was impossible to find quality sporting service.

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