Tyumen and the Olympics

Эстафета олимпийского огня

The Tyumen Olymic history dates back to 1956. This was when gymnast Boris Shahlin, from Ishim, first took part in the Olympics in Melbourn, Austria.

The First Olympic sportsmen

Борис Шахлин

Boris Shahlin became champion in team competitions. He won his first individual gold in pommel horse exercising. Four years later, Boris won four gold, two silver and one bronze medal in the XVII Olympics in Rome. At his third Olympic Games (Tokyo, 1964) Boris Shahlin won one more gold medal, in horizontal bar exercising. He has won 13 Olympic medals in his sporting career: seven gold, four silver and two bronze medals.

Николай Аникин

Nikolai Anikin became the first Tyumen citizen to take part in the winter Olympics. In 1956 he was in the USSR team, when they won men’s 4x10 ski relay, at the VII Winter Olympics in Cortina-d`Ampezzo, Italy. In 1960, at the next Olympics in Sqauw Valley, the USA, Nikolai won bronze medal in the 30 km relay.

The Summer Olympics

Владимир Чебоксаров

Vladimir Cheboksarov, the Greco-Roman wrestler, member of the Dynamo team from Tyumen, has become our first local Olympic sportsman. In 1976 in Montreal, Canada, he won sliver in the weight category under 82 kg.

Николай Ожегин

After his success, even top regional sportsmen couldn’t get into the Olympic team of Russia for 20 years. Only in 1996, Nikolai Ozhegin, a judoist from Urai, and Stanislav Dyneikin, a captain of the volleyball team from Nizhnevartovsk, became members of the national team at the Atlanta Olympics.

At the XVIII Olympics in Sydney, Australia, in 2000, Alexander Maletin from Nizhnevartovsk, trained by Vasily Wolf, was most successful, having won bronze medal in boxing in the weight category under 60 kg.

Александр Колобнев

Later many other sportsmen became participants of the Olympics: athletes Andrey Rudnitsky and Oleg Sergeev (Athens, 2004), Ivan Buzolin (Beijing, 2008), Pavel Trehnin (London, 2012) in the 400m running, judoists Musa Mogushkov, Natalia Kuzyutina and Elena Ivaschenko (London, 2012), the Honoured Master of Sports Alexander Kolobnev won bronze medal in men`s road race( the XXIX Olympics in 2008, Beijing, China). He also took part in the London Olympics.

Аркадий Вятчанин

Arkadi Vyatchanin is a two-time bronze medallist in the 100m and 200m distances on the back (The Beijing Olympics). He also took part in the 2012 Olympics.

At the last Olympics, Tyumen citizens won two medals, a silver and a bronze. Rustam Totrov, the Greco-Roman wrestler in the weight category under 96 kg, became a silver medallist. Yulia Efimova won bronze in the 200 m distance swimming final, brass.

Winter Olympics

Юрий Кашкаров

Yuri Kashkarov from Khanty-Mansiysk became Olympic champion in relay race at the XIV Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, 1984.

Four years later, Alexander Popov from Tobolsk won gold in relay race in the Calgary Olympics, Canada.

Евгений Редькин

Evgeny Ryedkin from Khanty-Mansiysk, trained by Vladimir Kuklin, followed in their footsteps. He got into the national team of the 1992 Olympics in Albertville, France, at the last moment, having won the qualifying match in Izjevsk.

At the XVII Lillehammer Olympics (1994) Luisa Noskova from Hamit Ahatov`s skiing school in Labytnangi, trained by leonid Guryev, became Olympic champion in relay race.

Галина Куклева

At the Nagano Olympics in 1998 (Japan) sportsmen trained by Leonid Guryev achieved great results again. Galina Kukleva won the spring race, with the result of 0.7 seconds higher than the runner-up from Germany Ursula Disl. She also won silver in relay race, together with biathletes Albina Akhatova and Olga Melnik. Victor Maigurov, trained by Valeri Zaharov, won bronze in the same Olympics, in relay race as well. Skier Segrey Kryanin from Khanty-Mansiysk and biathletes Pavel Vavilov and Anna Volkova from our region performed in the national team in the Nagano Olympics.

Kukleva, Akhatova, Maigurov and Kryanin took part in the XIX Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, 2002. Biathletes Galina Kukleva and Albina Akhatova won bronze medal in relay, and Victor Maigurov won bronze in individual race. Alexey Solovyov, a young biathlete, first took part in the same Olympics.

Альбина Ахатова

In 2006 in Turin, Albina Akhatova became a champion and two-time bronze medallist. She won gold in relay and bronze in individual race and pursuit race. At the same Olympics, Ivan Alypov and Vasily Rochev won bronze in team sprint.

Ольга Рочева

Skier Olga Rocheva took part in the Turin and Vancouver Olympics (Canada, 2010).

Анна Фролина (Булыгина)

Biathletes Anna Frolina (Bulypina) and Olga Schuchkina also took part in the Canada Olympics. Skiers Natalya Korostelyova and Nikolai Morilov from Tyumen region became bronze medallists in team sprint.

Евгений Гараничев

Tyumen skier Evgeny Belov took part in the Sochi Olympics.

Biathlete Evgeny Garanichev managed to win bronze in individual race, and so he became the only male individual medallist among the members of the national team.

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