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It is scientifically proved, that regular physical activity contributes to everlasting creativity and ability to work hard, smoking prevention, alcoholism, drug abuse and criminality.

The regional sporting base consists of 3 037 objects: plane buildings, gyms and other training halls, ski resorts and biathlon centres, swimming pools, shooting ranges and shooting galleries, palaces of sport with artificial ice, athletics halls, stadiums and a rowing canal.

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97 module changing rooms and 31 hockey courts were purchased in 2007 in order to attract more people to physical and educational training in their yards.

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In addition to traditional sporting organizations (schools, clubs, sections) health rehabilitation centres have been working with people living nearby them since 2003. The aim of those institutions is to provide people with sporting activity and entertainment in their leisure time, to attract them to take part in sporting competitions, contests and holidays, and to spot gifted children in order to develop their skills and abilities in different sporting sections.

In Tyumen there are instructors who each are responsible for particular sporting facilities and playgrounds in the yards. The main attraction for the people to do sports regularly is its convenient location, financial and time accessibility. That’s why these centres are popular with Tyumen residents.

A lot of public sporting events are held regularly in the region. The events include rural games, Spartakiades (educational institutions, work collectives and sports masters), Paralympic Games, sport competitions, sporting holidays and Health Days. The events are organized to popularize sports and physical culture.

The number of participants of the regional tournaments Golden Puck, Leather Ball, White Boat and others is increasing every year. The regional competition Sporty Family is getting more and more popular. The contest influences the organization of families` leisure time and contributes to sporting upbringing of children.

More than 9000 public sporting events are held annually in the city, in the region, and among the Russian and international regions. 600 thousand sportsmen take part in them.

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There are `health lessons` as a new interesting form of conducting public sporting events, where famous sportsmen, sports masters and government officials work with children as role models, in order to demonstrate their support of healthy lifestyle.

The regional sport infrastructure and qualification of the Tyumen sportsmen allow attracting almost all age and social groups to do sports. So, united community of amateur sportsmen is being formed and quality sporting facilities provide Tyumen citizens with various activities and services.

Кросс наций

Due to all that, people in the Tyumen region have been getting more and more involved in sports since 2000.

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