Junior sports

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In 2013 15 800 children aged 6-15 trained in special sporting institutions. It is expected that in 2014 the number will increase to 18000.

Different kinds of sports are developing in the city. Children and their parents can choose between professional and amateur sports. There are sport sections in all administrative districts of Tyumen, which makes it convenient for children to get to the place of trainings form their house or school.

Детско-юношеский спорт

Детско-юношеский спорт

Amateurs can train at the playgrounds in their yards or sporting facilities nearby under the supervision of a sport instructor. There are also additional lessons at schools.

Those who want to do sports professionally can enroll in one of the 16 municipal sporting institutions: the City Chess club, 9 junior sporting schools, 6 specialized junior Olympic reserve schools. Those who want to be high class sportsmen can attend the Regional Specialized Junior Olympic Reserve School and the Olympic Reserve Preparation Centre in Biathlon and Ski Racing of L.N.Noskova.

Детско-юношеский спорт

Junior Olympic Reserve School of №1

Детско-юношеский спорт

This is the first and the oldest sport school in the Tyumen region. It specializes in sport gymnastics, acrobatics, trampolining, horse racing, Greco-Roman wrestling, tennis, sport aerobics and volleyball.

Junior Olympic Reserve School №2

People living in all the four administrative districts of the city train here. The institution closely collaborates with schools № 43, 36, 57, 63 and 67. Disabled sportsmen from the sporting rehabilitation club Nege train in its specially equipped gyms. The school develops athletics, ski racing, sport orienteering, rowing slalom, wushu and biathlon.

Junior Olympic Reserve School №3

This school specializes in 5 kinds of sports: Greco-Roman wrestling, volleyball, basketball, tennis and hockey. There is also an adaptive sport section. The school is accessible for disabled sportsmen and is equipped with all necessary materials.

Junior Olympic Reserve School №4

Many trainees have achieved high results over 21 years of the school’s work. Sportsmen win medals in different cities, in national and international competitions. The school specializes in chess, cycling, mountain bike and billiards.

Детско-юношеский спорт

The Regional Specialized Junior Olympic Reserve School

Детско-юношеский спорт

The school was established in 1968, and in 1994 it received its status of the Olympic Reserve School. It means that the institution is supposed to supervise all the 41 junior sport schools of the south of the Tyumen region. Pre-season trainings are often conducted at this school. If the coaches` recommendations are confirmed, trainees become members of the national team, and the trainings are conducted under the supervision of the school’s specialists, who have the highest qualifying category.

There are 700 trainees at this school. They all are members of several powerful sport teams. The school specializes in figure skating, table tennis, whitewater slalom and other kinds of sports.

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