Театральная революция

Cultural life in Tyumen is eventful. Since 1858, the Drama Theatre has been functioning and youth theatres are also developing. Performances and concerts of visiting artists are regularly held here.


One of the most high profile events of the concert season in the Tyumen Philharmonic is the Alyabyev Music Autumn festival. The International Jazz Festival is held here as well. The most recent festival held by the Philharmonic is Summer in the Tobolsk Kremlin: you can see concerts and opera performances within the walls of the unique Tobolsk Kremlin.

Since 2009 the Tyumen State Academy of Culture, Arts and Social Technologies has organized the All-Russian Youth Theatrical Festival Lively Faces, which in 2014 will become international.

The international youth theatrical festival Theatrical Revolution takes place in Tyumen once every two years. The festival is organized by the youth theatre Mimicry.

Театральная революция

Театральная революция: ТТФ Контраст

Mimicry is also the founder of the annual international street festival Street Dreams, which was recognized as Brand of the Ural Federal District for its contribution to the social culture of the region. Supported by the Union of Theatre Workers of the Russian Federation and the International Amateur Theatre Association, Mimicry has been carrying out the project Experimental Scene to unite young directors and youth theatres of the Tyumen region. In its first season, the participants performed in places atypical for a traditional theatre: shopping malls, office buildings, libraries etc. In the new season, the project is bound to introduce different kinds of the modern theatre to specialists and spectators.

Concert halls

There are a lot of concert halls in Tyumen. Major performances are held in the Tyumen Philharmonic (Concert Hall, capacity 1229 seats, and Chamber Hall, capacity 240 seats) and the Tyumen Drama Theatre (Big Hall, 777 seats, and Small Hall, 205 seats). There are smaller concert halls – in the recreation centre Zheleznodorozhnik, the Art Palace Pioneer, the youth theatre named after V.S. Zagozuiko Engagement, the Tyumen Puppet Theatre, the concert hall of the Tyumen State Academy of Culture, Arts and Social Technologies, in the recreational centre Torfyanik, the national culture palace Stroitel, where national concerts and festivals often take place, and others.

Зал филармонии

Museum complex named after I.Y. Slovtsov.

The history of the complex dates back to 1879. It is one of the oldest museums in Siberia. Its founder was I.Y. Slovtsov (1844-1907), scientist, teacher, regional ethnographer. His collection of Siberian relics is the base of the Omsk and Tyumen museums. At the end of the 19th century his collection was compared to major European museum collections. It still plays the same important role among local museums.

The complex consists of five museums, whose expositions are devoted to different aspects of the scientific and the natural, social and cultural history of the region. In addition, a new museum complex is being built, which will include expositional buildings and a storehouse for artifacts.

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